Happy Halloween Times

This was the best picture I could manage, under the sugar-induced hyperactivity:

Katie’s an elephant, Wimmy’s a ninja, Jeffrey is Frodo Baggins, and Eleanor is Felicity from the American Girl books.

And her costume is a total wow:

Her aunt Kristen volunteered to make it for her, and it is rather spectacular.  I don’t know if Eleanor fully appreciates it, which is why I’m going to make sure she gets sewing lessons.

From the back:

Geez, beautiful.  Other seasonal events included the ward Trunk-Or-Treat (motto: “Because Walking Door to Door is Too Inefficient”).  I was able to get them to hold still for this one:

Carving pumpkins!  Shortly after which we realized we had no candles to put in the pumpkins, yay!

I also helped with Eleanor’s class party.  She did this pumpkin game with the classroom smartboard:

And her teacher was dressed like a Lego Captain America.  The man knows his audience.

William’s class walked through as part of a parade midway through the party.  I was happy to see him, and the feeling was mutual:

To cap it all off, I shall also present to you the creepiest thing I’ve seen all season:

What is it? A portrait Eleanor made of me.

Wha?? Why does she think I look like a cross between an alien and Morticia Addams?

The color I can explain away because she was using only Sharpies and highlighters to make it, but the widow’s peak?? THE CAT EYES? The weird little beauty mark by the lips?

Jibbly jibbly jibbly jibblly ew ew ew ewwwww.  All I need is for it to come to life and whisper “COME ON IN HEEEEERE” in a demon’s voice.  Jibbly jibbly jibbly.

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Times

  1. my portraits by mychildren are equally scary. now that i’ve seen myself on FaceTime maybe they’re more realistic than i had thought. I love the kids’ costumes!

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