Eleanor Is Adorable, Part 2,563 of a Series

Eleanor wants to make sure that everybody gets a Christmas present this year.

She made a little purse out of paper and pipe cleaners for Mrs. Claus.  It’s sitting wrapped under the tree.  She wanted to make a new sleigh for Santa out of cardboard until I convinced her that Santa didn’t need one.

Then, today, she brought home this:

2013-12-19 15.54.50

2013-12-19 15.54.56

She made a present for the Christmas tree!  (An ornament is inside the bag.)  To thank it for “sheltering all the other presents.”  Awww.  (Sorry for the large pictures, but I wanted the details to show.)

As my friend Libby put it, “you better make sure she doesn’t get coal in her stocking.”

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