Eleanor’s Nativity

I got really crafty in the last few days before Christmas, mainly trying to make and complete Katie’s Christmas stocking in time for the holiday.  Here are the work-in-progress photos:

IMAG0788  IMAG0789

The best part of this project was the happy knowledge that I will never have to make a Christmas stocking ever again.  (“Hey, let’s make a complicated hand-sewn heirloom at the busiest time of the year!  Let’s do that four times!”)  Here they all are.  I can’t believe it’s been a decade since I made Jeff’s.


Eleanor must have caught the craftiness bug, because while I was busy constructing a stocking, she was busy corralling all her siblings into making a nativity pageant.  The results are below.  They wanted to perform the whole thing by just the light of one candle, but I persuaded them to have one light on, just so I could film their performance.


Forgive my singing, it’s really loud on the video since I was the one holding the camera.  I should have stayed silent, but the kids really wanted that audience participation, and I couldn’t help myself.  I case you’re wondering, there’s a Wise Man drawn on that big piece of cardboard.  Jeffrey is an angel who likes to bare his bare chest.  Katie is . . . herself.  Wim is a shepherd, and Eleanor is Everyone Else.  And that’s a star made out of Lego, not a crucifix.  Got that?

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