I Am a Special Person, and Therefore Deserve Chocolate

At Katie’s preschool, the older kids get to invite mothers to come to a Mother’s Day Tea Party. But the younger kids have what they call a “Special Person’s Tea,” in which they can invite any adults they like. Dads, grandparents, aunts, friends, etc. Since all of our extended family now lives far away, I was the only Special Person around to come to Katie’s tea party. Sigh. We got spoiled with this kind of thing in Utah, where both grandmas and often dad could come to things like preschool events and school plays. Not so much anymore.

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But I absolutely adored coming to this with Katie. As her Special Person, I got to eat lots of chocolate. There was a truffle at each place setting. And then one of the parents had brought homemade fudge for the snack buffet. It was the best possible outcome, snack-wise.

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Katie was oozing adorability from every pore. She wore this flower hat she made in class, and sang songs. The adults were seated first, and then the kids were brought into the room in a line from their classroom. When Katie saw me, she broke away from her class, shouted “Moooooom!” and ran across the room to hug me. So much for staying in line.

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And lining up was necessary for what the kids did next: sing songs. I just about melted, especially when Katie decided (about halfway through) to put her necklace up on her face and then keep singing. That necklace is one my parents gave me when I was eight or nine. It’s fun to see it so beloved by my daughter (she wears it almost every day).


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